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TCL Is Testing A Personal Cinema Visor This IFA

TCL at IFA this year turned up with a few prototype machines that it expects will tell the future direction of its goods. It showed a “wearable display concept” that seems an awful lot like the personal cinema headphones that emerge after every 18 Months or so. It is a duo of smart glasses with 2 OLED screens hanging over your eyes to attempt and trick you into believing you are sitting in a cinema.

Unlike Sony, Royole and Avegant’s offerings, TCL has reduced the tech into a duo of comparatively svelte sunglasses using a polarizing filter at the top. Sound arrives out of speakers fitted on each arm, and the device links over USB-C to a compatible handset. Instead of this being a handset that you only employ before your house, TCL sees this as something you can use on a train or on the go.

The two screens over your eyes are sufficiently opaque for you to see a film in relative soothe, but everything is semi-transparent around it. So, if you are on a train, and a ticket checker approaches you, you will have sufficed awareness to show your ticket.

On a related note, you may recognize TCL as the manufacturer of reasonably priced TVs, but the firm manufactures a lot more than that. Like LG and Samsung, the Chinese firm also creates devices such as washing machines, along with handsets. That is not just below the brands it owns such as Alcatel and BlackBerry, either. TCL itself has handsets, too. They just have not been available widely further than China.

At IFA this year, the firm is disclosing the TCL Plex—its first internationally accessible handset. And it is astonishingly feature-bundled. What is intriguing about the handset is not just its status as the firm’s first broadly accessible handset, but also its cost ($360).

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