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You Can Now Run A Marathon Despite Back And Leg Injuries

Often the injuries we suffer at an early age take their toll at the later stages of our life. Quite similarly, nobody of us had any idea that every single we’ve had suffered an injury to our knee in the childhood days, it would take its toll one day on our running abilities as well. Knee and back problems have often been the primary hindrances from the running athletics, stripping away the dreams of marathon, shared by thousands of people worldwide. But now, it has been observed that despite our injuries, it is still possible to partake in running activities, and maybe even heal ourselves in the process.

Training Exercises – Conducting athletic training regimen despite having injuries is a very difficult process. However with proper physiotherapy and gradually increasing the load of workout, our body shall adapt itself to the pain, sweat and hardships. Running and walking intervals is a great method to get our feet started again. It allows the recovery of injured areas and also strengthening them by the constant work and rest routine. The one minute recovery helps to recover the fatigue, and also gives the body enough time for its next round of exercise.

Put emphasis on cross training – Every successful athlete shall recommend cross training to our routines for greater stamina and endurance skills. For example, combining yoga with strength training seems a good alternative for core strength and flexibility. Moreover, owning a pair of good running shoes shall help a lot both in terms of comfort to the feet and also counteracting the negative effects of our previous leg injuries. Training under the mentorship of trainer is even better, because of their experience in handling different athletes having different physical conditions. With a systematic and regular approach, not only the pain shall go away, but also the physique and athletic capabilities shall increase considerably.

Brent Schmidt
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