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YouTube Might Soon Prohibit Targeted Ads On Children’s Content

YouTube is supposedly aiming on eliminating ads on clips targeted at kids. It is not clear whether the move follows comes due to the FTC’s latest multimillion dollar penalty—imposed after YouTube was discovered to be breaching federal data privacy rules for kids—but media reports that plans are now actually in motion.

It is not yet recognized as YouTube aims to deliver this targeting prohibition, and as per the people “well aware with the matter” mentioned by media, the service’s plans can still alter. An earlier case in opposition to YouTube asked for all of its kids’ content to be shifted to YouTube Kids, its designated app. Another proposal recommends simply turning off ads on these clips.

YouTube’s recommendation, in the meantime, is less extreme, and floats the concept of only connecting contextual ads to children’s videos, rather than targeted ones. Contextual ads are those that connect the contents of a clip to a commercial memo, such as sports video and sneakers.

On a related note, PBS Kids and PBS are arriving to YouTube TV. Starting sometime this year, member stations of PBS who select to take part will have their programming broadcasted on live TV of YouTube TV and on-demand subscription platform. The decision will bring both local and educational TV to the service, and it marks the first time PBS has joined hands with a streaming platform in this manner.

In a media release, PBS claimed that this joint venture is an essential step toward extending its digital footprint. “Our aim is to get to as many people in the US as possible with content that inspires, educates, and entertains,” claimed Ira Rubenstein, PBS Marketing Officer and Chief Digital. “As a broadcaster that is established in communities, we value YouTube’s promise to local content, and we are happy that this service offers users with access to programming that is distributed and produced by our member stations.”

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