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Researchers’ Spot A New Exoplanet With Two Sibling Stars In the Sky

Astronomers have recently found a rocky exoplanet that is better than the sci-fi movie Star Wars’ home planet Tatooine that has 2 suns. The research team from the Harvard Center for Astrophysics discovered the exoplanet LTT 1445 A b and its 3 stars using the Transiting Exoplanet Satellite Survey telescope built by NASA. The exoplanet is found to be in a stable orbit around its star and the host star is also found to orbit two other sister stars at a longer distance. These sister stars have been found to be latched in adjacent orbits that are quite close. From Earth, the newly spotted exoplanet is observed to be located at a distance of approximately 22 light-years.

NASA has found the exoplanet to be overheated and almost 1.4 times bigger than the Earth. LTT 1445 A is the parent star of LTT 1445 A b. It takes only 5 Days to circle its host star, which is equal to a year on our planet. The closeness is the reason behind the 320° Fahrenheit temperature of the surface which is similar to that of a preheated oven. It is not the first of its kind to be discovered. This rare Tatooine double star planet is found to have a similarity with the Proxima b exoplanet that was found previously.

Likewise, NASA had earlier discovered our closest neighbor, Proxima b, which also has 3 stars orbiting it. Proxima Centauri that is 4.25 light-years away from Earth is orbited by Proxima b and it is, in turn, orbited by Alpha Centauri A and B. On the same note, in 2016, NASA had its Goddard Space Flight Center and San Diego University exploit the Kepler Space Telescope to identify the Kepler-1647 b, which is a planet located in the Cygnus Constellation with 2 suns.

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