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Three UK Launches Out 5G Home Internet Connectivity In London

Yet one more carrier is providing 5G in the UK—although it is not on your handset. Three has rolled out 5G home broadband in areas of London, offering people “fiber-akin speeds” (the carrier has not given specific figures) without needing a visit from technician. Costing is simple, as well—there is just one $43 (£35) plan that provides “truly limitless” access on a one-year deal.

You can get the equipment for free the next day, but Three will give it to you for $24 (£20) on the same day.

This is not the mobile 5G offering you might have expected for, even though Three lately claimed it might set up the next-generation wireless service by the end of this year in 25 UK cities. It also claimed that mobile consumers would not pay additional for 5G, as with rivals such as Vodafone. Actually, Three’s benefits are its huge 100 MHz band of 5G spectrum and its low cost. It is expecting that users will not only be lured away from wired connectivity, but also its network will have sufficient real-world ability to live up to 5G’s ability.

On a related note, Sprint earlier claimed that it is including another 5G handset to its (presently narrow) series, and you mat like who’s making it—though it will not be good news for individuals on other networks. The carrier has declared that OnePlus is making a 5G device ready for the network, with availability and details to come “shortly.” It might be the 5G variant of the OnePlus 7 Pro, but we would not count on that with rumors of a renovated handset (the 7T Pro) on the edge. This is not billed as an exclusive, so you may not have to be concerned if you are on a different network.

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